Beaches of Snow

by March Rosetta



Reviews of 'Beaches of Snow':

"I couldn’t believe my ears. I was enthralled with the sonic complexities and emotional songwriting that I heard. It’s a rare thing that a record can grab my attention so quickly and hold it so strongly. There is also the fact that I believe this album fits perfectly into Lunar Flower’s philosophy of being different, yet still beautiful".

"The vibe of the album leaves you feeling a sense of wonderment and a longing to listen to it again as soon as it is done. Not that you should think that it sounds like any one of these comparisons exactly, but you could say it is part piano vocal ballads, part Sun Ra (Atlantis era) weird keyboard solo interludes and maybe a touch of Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden".

"Tom’s soulful and powerful vocals, especially on F&S Street are incredibly effective at conveying a feeling that comes only from that other realm where nothing but great music exists".

(Justin Robert, 'Lunar Flower')


released January 1, 2005

Written and produced by Thomas Carter. Artwork by Joshua Rex. Distributed by Lunar Flower [LF-016]. Copyright Verlaine Records 2005.

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March Rosetta Hastings, UK

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Track Name: Stones and Ice

Music and Lyrics by Thomas Carter. Copyright Verlaine Records 2005.

Wrap up cold in jumpers, gloves, and in your boots
We're walking to the stoney beach.

Tired legs in stone-washed denim,
Break to rhythms under Heaven,

Hair and earlobes full of sand,
Hands that grip harder than clams...

Your tight, you feel as if you'll break,
Nothing but splinters in your face,

Modern Homes and Modern Love,
By fake coal-fires, collapsed in drugs.

I love you, Charlotte,
Each crow in you that digs into the hardest law.

Dreams, that get blown down,
Leaves lost to winter gales,
I'm, not as strong as you before...


Silent in-between the roar.

So silent.

A silence that could be no more.


Flowers laid by frozen lakes
Where ice had cracked and been replaced by
Deepest water,
Pitchist black,
Too cold to stay and relax....

Priests and Clerics,
Silken robes ad railway stations,
Hope in Congress,
Future boy,
Dreaming of,
Thinking back on

On hope.
Track Name: Julien

Music and Lyrics by Thomas Carter. Copyright Verlaine Records 2005.

In Julien there was a girl,
Who spoke to him when he was well,
He trusted her,
He named her Jove,
She wasn’t his at all.

Nothing comes and nothing waits,
He never wanted school,
Instead, he found inside himself,
A single beach of snow.


Oh, so fast the changes grow,
Time destroys itself with hope.


Julien climbed up the stairs,
At night when dark was always there,
He thought he heard a noise from his front room.

Too scared to go and see the site,
He pulled his duvet up with fright,
And waited till the morning light was new.


Oh, the past in reason slows,
Time, destroys itself in hope.


That night if he had gone down,
He would have met and would have found,
The side of him that Jove knew.

Instead he shall now live his life,
On borrowed ignorance that might,
Never ever give him proof.
Track Name: F&S Street

Music and Lyrics by Thomas Carter. Copyrigth Verlaine Music 2005.

Its getting dark, to dark to move,
Put the car in the lay-by,
We’ll go tomorrow to where we have to be.

I’m driving tired, to tired to see,
Lost the consistency of speech,
Finding it hard to breathe,
On the rural tarmac,
That leads into another Welcome Break


Epping Forest, I’ve come to see you,
See you before you go.

Get the train back to Charring Cross,
Back to the Eltham streets that I know.

Disolve the tablets,
Into the bloodstream,
Into the bloodstream,
Into the mind,

Dissolve a lifetime,
Into the bubbles,
The air in the needle,
The pressure outside.
Track Name: Dartford Crossing

Music and Lyrics by Thomas Carter. Copyright Verlaine Records 2005.

I just want to be with you.

Riding the night-bus home,
I just want to be with you.


July has almost ended,
June has come to stay,

I love you June,
I love you too,
We'll never meet again.


I just want to be with you.

Riding the night-bus home,
I just want to be with you.
Track Name: Six days

Music and Lyrics by Thomas Carter, Copyright Verlaine Music 2005.

Brush your teeth and come to bed,
and i will love you for,

For making me feel safe alone,
I'll still love you, when you're gone.

When our lives have moved aside,
And when your husband calls,

I beg you keep me in your life,
The cold that keeps me warm.

The cold that keeps me warm.